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 A Visionary Electronicore/Screamo-Djent Ensemble from Bucharest, Romania

Short Bio

June Turns Black, a groundbreaking electronicore and screamo-djent collective originating from the vibrant city of Bucharest, Romania, emerged onto the music scene in the year 2023. With an unwavering commitment to artistic innovation and emotional depth, the band crafts a unique sonic tapestry characterized by intensely personal lyrics, fierce vocal performances, and a remarkable sense of melody. Their artistic journey is marked by a fearless exploration of musical boundaries, seamlessly blending heavily down-tuned guitars with electronic elements, juxtaposing visceral breakdowns with soaring hooks, and consistently pushing the boundaries of song structures and arrangements.

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BRNDNC (Braindance)

Link up with JUNE TURNS BLACK on all streaming platforms to get a taste of their  musical stylings. With their original sound and striking performances, this band is quickly making a name for themselves in the music industry. Don't miss out on the opportunity to listen to one of the most exciting bands around today.


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June Turns Black, beside using of traditional written press coverage, has opted to embrace contemporary feedback channels by leveraging the power of Reaction Videos.



Today we have some heavy ASS Metalcore from Europe and of course you all know how I love my female vocals when it comes to heavy music. JUNE TURNS BLACK got in touch and you know how you always hope a new band is bring absolute FIRE to the table? Well this is one of those moments. This band literally has the perfect blend of what I love in my core music. I'm sure you all are going to be absolutely blown away by this amazing band! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and please go across to their video/socials and show them some love. I'm predicting huge things for this new band...THIS IS LITERALLY THEIR DEBUT!!! _____________________________________________________________________ Welcome to FYM Productions Media _____________________________________________________________________ GET YOUR BAND FEATURED _____________________________________________________________________ Join The FYM Discord Community: _____________________________________________________________________ [FYM SOCIAL MEDIA] FYM Patreon $2+ - FYM Discoveries Spotify Playlist - FYM FB Page - FYM [The Gathering] FB GROUP - FYM Instagram - FYM Twitter - ______________________________________________________________________ Music/Video featured is Copyright JUNE TURNS BLACK Original Video - Follow JUNE TURNS BLACK on social media: ______________________________________________________________________ #HurtMe #JuneTurnsBlack #femalevocalist
June Turns Black - We Kill What We Love | OLDSKULENERD REACTION

June Turns Black - We Kill What We Love | OLDSKULENERD REACTION

#upandcomingartist #metalreaction #juneturnsblack We Kill What We Love (feat. Andrei Dusca & Bogdan Hasas) "We take what we want and we kill what we love" - this is the mantra that seems to guide the darker sides of our modern world. From the damage we do to our planet to the way we treat each other, both offline and online. The world was our playground, but we let our fear, avarice and selfishness guide us, leading to an environmental and emotional wasteland. We have grown apart, we must come together for a better future. The WHO WHAT AND WHERE: Artist: June Turns Black Genre/Style: Metalcore Label: N/A Homebased: Romania June Turns Black is: Rach Alaji - Vocals/Creative Director Cezar Stamate - Bass Guitar David Alin - Drums Dan Niculescu - Guitars/Producer Oana Stan - General Manager Mihnea Ene - Social Media Manager Find More about this Artist: Facebook: Instagram: Website: PLEASE CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL VIDEO AT: __________________________________________________________________________________ Early Access and Behind The Scenes Content on Patreon: CHECK OUT MY LIVE STREAMS!!! on: Twitch: CHECK OUT MY FRIENDS/FOOD/FILM REACTIONS CHANNEL OldSkuleF3: WHY OLDSKULENERD EXISTS!!! - ALL THINGS OLDSKULNERD: WebSite: Instgram: Facebook: Discord: Wanna see more of my REACTIONS? CHECK HERE: OldSkuleNerd Theme Music by Torrential Rain

Press Quotes

Energia ce mi-au transmis-o m-a impresionat profund, au fost foarte angajați în interacțiunea cu publicul reușind totodată să livreze un show consistent, iar la finalul său publicul, la fel de impresionat, a cerut bis [...]  The Interwission 

June Turns Black is one of Romania’s most exciting new metalcore bands. From the very first release, the Bucharest-based band caught everyone’s attention with their electronicore/screamo-djent style. [...] With genre-bending creativity, they merge heavy guitars with electronics and experiment with song structures. RLM

For those growing up on a steady diet of screamo music, June Turns Black is a breath of fresh fucking air.  CVLTARTES

"There's a semblance of power, of calmness, of purpose, of confidence, of direction. It's kind of cool to see from them!"  OLDSKULENERD

It was clear from the very first note that June Turns Black was on a mission to captivate the audience. The setlist was packed with raw emotion and electrifying sounds. The band, known for their ability to blend haunting melodies with aggressive breakdowns, delivered an unforgettable performance that left the audience craving more. MIHNEAENE

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