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Negative CORE Project (Bucharest, 2012) has its roots in the first years of the evolution of the underground metal scene in Romania.
It's an act that constantly evolves, tweaking its compositions and sound. This band brings complexity to the game with a smooth polyrhythm and breakdowns. Best Fest was their first big crowd test, and by all means they nailed it, leading to a natural evolution in the local scene. Rockstadt Extreme Fest and Metalhead Meeting Fest had a great time inviting them and not just once, and the community rallied around the iconic concerts at Question Mark Club (Bucharest) and Something for the Core festivals that lasted for years they were always open and supportive. Napalm Death, Brujeria, Infected Rain, Jinjer, Thy Art is Murder and Fallujah are among the bands the group has had the pleasure of meeting and sharing the stage with.


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''NEGATIVE CORE PROJECT offers an exquisite package by blending its very successful visual aesthetics with progressive and extreme compositions.''  - Metalperver 2022 - KING
''The Romanian band Negative Core Project, released on December 8th their newest single, titled “KING”. Featuring a heavy and aggressive death metal, but which flirts with progressive elements, they manage to deliver a heavy, fast, aggressive song, but which manages to deliver good technique and melodies of great quality.''  - Roadie Metal 2022 - KING
Negative CORE Project - Nacho Friend || official video

Negative CORE Project - Nacho Friend || official video

DOP & Colorist || Razvan IONITA Assistent DOP, Editor || Filip FLip BRUNET Choreography and performance || Maria Isabella Music by Negative CORE Project Special thanks to : Nicolae BUTACU and STAGE EXPERT Romania Grip || Ciprian MANOLIU Lights || Mihai PARASCHIV ArtKlub Romania - R3D KOMODO and Lenses One final push, that’s all I need A way to erase everything Submerge, throw yourself at me – oh! let’s see what you’re made of Call my name, make me feel alive Don’t hold my hand Behead me, let us slowly bleed On the purple shores of remorse Touch me, the way you touch the dead Don’t fucking shiver I smell despair in the air Your wicked tongue I’m not your friend but in the end We’ll hang together And as you struggle for breath You’ll fucking hear me laugh At all these walls you build to protect At all the effort put in to forget At all the misery you always cut to bits All of this for nothing Silent night All is dead and all is right Here lay all of the other me Headless reasons, frozen in vain Why won’t you help me out? The when and how have already passed away Speak in the name of forgiveness And take us back to where flowers wither Take us back Where the shores were so purple Back Where the black lungs sung The songs of the ill intended And shadows were bright Back with The vermin of solitude Eating my brain out Consuming my everything Back when Broken was beautiful Decay suited us best And all eyes gazed as one





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