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Katherine Aly

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God Breed:

Misty Me:

Sunny Days:

The Skin I’m Made Of:


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Lilac Melt (2018):

Sheltering Waves (2018):

False Bliss (2019):

Midi Paul (2019):

Glassmasterer (2019):

Katherine Aly - photo by Jannica Honey.j

With her hauntingly beautiful voice and unique linguistic tongue, Katherine Aly is the one to take you to an alt-pop journey of dreamy soundscapes with lyrical elements and cinematic vibes. Having a strong record of collaborations with various artists in the UK, the Netherlands and Greece, Edinburgh-based Katherine, embarked on her solo career in 2019, releasing the neoclassical ‘The Skin I’m Made Of’, followed by the progressive ‘Sunny Days’, the music video of which premiered on The Scotsman. In April 2020, she released dark-pop ‘Misty Me’, which amongst many excellent reviews, got her included in The Unsigned Guide's Spotlight for May 2020. Demonstrating her genre-defying output, the prolific artist’s new single is a synth-pop gem titled ‘God Breed’,  released in July 2020 and featured in Tenement TV and The Scotish Sun, where its official video premiered. Introducing us to her most upbeat song so far, alt-pop ‘Butterflies’ out 23 October 2020, stands out for its stunning production and captivating vocal and lyrical work.


Katherine’s solo and collaborative work has taken her to the stages of the historic King Tut’s in Glasgow and The Dublin Castle in London, festivals like Hidden Door, EH6, Tenement Trail and Kelburn and at Glasgow’s First Footing showcase, one of The Skinny Magazine’s music highlights of January 2020. Her live performance signature is a powerful genre-fluid set, where music turns into an all-round experience with a visual show enhancing her aesthetic as an artist. During Covid-19 lockdown Katherine got invited to do live streams through Live Music Scotland, Chester Live and Kelburn Festival with thousands of people watching. In September 2020 she hosted an exclusive, outdoor live show for her top fans in Edinburgh.


Katherine has gained airplay on BBC Radio Scotland and nan Gaidheal, Amazing Radio, CamGlen Radio, where she’s also performed live and radio stations in Canada, France, Spain, Australia and California, where she was voted in the Top 25 Pop Artists on Indie Star Radio. Katherine collaborates with producers Marty Hailey (Universal, BBC TV & Radio) and Graeme Young (Sony, BBC) at Chamber Studio. She has also worked creatively with photographer and big supporter of her music, Jannica Honey and her project When the Blackbird Sings and they were recently featured in Vogue Italia online magazine.



12 Apr 18 - BBC Introducing at  King Tut's Wah Wah Hut with Glassmasterer

29 Sep 18 - Tenement Trail Festival with Glassmasterer

23 Nov 18 - EH6 Festival with Lilac Melt

1 Apr 19 - CamGlen Radio Glasgow Live Acoustic

2 Jun 19 - Hidden Door Festival with Midi Paul

17 May 19 - Mash House Edinburgh, debut single headline

23 May 19 - The Lemon Tree Aberdeen, supporting Goodbye Mr Mackenzie

21 Jun 19 - Open Eye Art Gallery, opening of Rhythm exhibition

5 Jul 19 - Kelburn Festival

10 Aug 19 - Fringe Festival 

13 Sep 19 - The Voodoo Rooms Edinburgh supporting The Filthy Tongues 

25 Oct 19 - The Dublin Castle, Camden debut London headline

12 Jan 20 - First Footing showcase Glasgow

5 Jun 20  - Live Music Scotland (Streaming)

21 Jun 20 - Chester LIVE (Streaming)

4 Jul 20 - Kelburn Garden Party (Streaming)

13 Aug 20 - Hidden Door Live Show (Streaming)

12 Sep 10 - Secret Show Edinburgh (top fans - outdoors)





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''a masterfully produced hypnotic alt-pop single'' - NetSounds (Video Premiere 23 Oct 2020)

''Katherine matches the psychedelic vibe with esoteric lyrics blending images of love, nature and the universe.'' - Bob Smith 

''Much like Aly’s previous works the track is beautiful dark art pop , haunting but also comforting'' - The Music Files

''Once again Katherine Aly comes up with a supremely addictive slice of electro alt-pop in the form of Butterflies.'' - The Ginger Quiff

God Breed

Interview with The Fountain

''wonderful new single as she continues to push boundaries'' - Jim Gellatley, The Scottish Sun (Video Premiere 19 Jul 2020)

”One of the most interesting and innovative musicians around at the moment is Katherine Aly and she is back with a cracking new single” – Scots Way Hae!

''a unique talent''  - Interview with New Found Sound

''Aly continues to explore the realms of alt-pop with confidence and a great deal of promise'' Tenement TV 

''wonderfully cinematic soundscapes tying the listeners to the temptation of Katherine’s passionate deliverance, reminded of the prolific talents of Bjork and PJ Harvey'' - In Tune


''God Breed is a great start to get you on the journey to music happiness'' Interview with The National Post 


''Haunting melodies soaring over atmospheric synth-pop''The Weekender 


''fantastic new single'' The Unsigned Guide 


''Outstanding, divine vocals…sweet instrumentation…pulling lyrics…amazing results!''Small Music Scene


Interview with Alive & Amplified 

Misty Me

''Darkly compelling'' - The Unsigned Guide (Spotlight on May 2020) 

''synths… wonderful in their creepiness; it’s not difficult to imagine them gracing a similarly-unsettling Bjork track or Disasterpiece score'' - Discover Music Scotland 

''a track that just gives you the music you need to hear in that moment'' - Music OT Future

Interview with Unrated Magazine (2020)


''Misty Me is a song that is well executed in its composition, beautifully performed and easily relatable!'' - The Music Below 

''Scotland has been ripe with some superb alternative singer/songwriter talents in the last few years and Katherine Aly is the latest to join the roster'' - Higher Plain Music

''Not only does this showcase a great song, it showcases a great, and talented artist who is capable of bringing this to life'' - Sound of Sara 

''Stirring idiosyncratic dreamy pop tune'' - The Ginger Quiff

''Great voice...great tune...absolutely sensational'' - New Music Saturday 


''wonderful'' - NOSW Podcast

''great voice'' - Clunk

Sunny Days


''Excellent'' - The Scotsman (Artist of the Week 4 Aug 19) in association with Born to be Wide and Association of Independent Music 


''Beautiful song'' - Easy Listening Show with Russ Evans 

''Katherine Aly has a keen sense of the theatrical and she uses that to make her song Sunny Days stand out from the crowd and, with dramatic intent layered over her acidic lyrics, her appeal to musical cognoscenti must surely grow'' - Bluesbunny  

''Great music'' - Stitcher podcast 

''wonderful''- Postcards From The Underground

''dynamic, unique and unpredictable...spine-tingling''  - Demerara  Records 

''Absolutely brilliant, well-written, you can listen to that all day'' - New Music Saturday

''fantastic, beautiful track...gorgeous'' - Is This Thing On? Podcast

''pop genius''  - Neilho ( The Ginger Quiff ) 

The Skin I'm Made Of

''favourite track of the year'' - You Haven't Heard This Music 


''beautifully distinctive voice, crisp and clear with no warbling affectations and the song reaches the parts other vocalists can’t reach'' - Thegingerquiff

''Top 15 Tracks'' w/c 16 Dec 19 by Banks Radio Australia

''Great tune!'' - Radio Coolio Canada 

Interview with The Fountain (2019)



Radio WIGWAM - Nominee for BEST FEMALE ARTIST 2020

The Skinny Magazine - featured with False Bliss and Midi Paul and also included in 2020 January’s music highlights.


''spellbinding set'' - Kelburn Garden Parties


''Cracking night'' - Scots Whay Hae! for the First Footing showcase performance


Top 21 Pop Artists on Indie Star Radio, California

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