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Wavebreaker is the culmination of years of toil, anguish and trauma. It flows from experience to experience, endlessly looking for an emotional connection, providing a safe space of personal exploration and growth. Dense, yet hummable, aggressive, yet musical, Wavebreaker is a diverse sonic and sensory tapestry.

It's surprisingly quiet and haunting at times, while bombastic and explosive at others.


It's who we are, who we were and who we are afraid to become.

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Out  JUNE 4 2024, the EP is self-released and  explicit.

Streaming and Socials:

June Turns Black is an electronicore/screamo-djent band from Bucharest, Romania. With an unwavering commitment to artistic and emotional expression and a particular sense of melody and compositional exploration, they burst onto the local and international metal scenes with “Hurt Me” in 2023, prompting quite a few reactions from the content creator community as well as a bit of buzz nationally.


They've already played in some of the major clubs and cities in Romania, with their incredibly personal, but ambitious live performances prompting many people to scream and cry with them.


Together with their JUNE CREW, they have formed an artistic collective which keeps the DIY spirit alive while striving for sonic, visual and professional excellence.

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